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New Concept English


"New Concept English " Android Application Series shock launch it! 1-4 whole new concept album contains sound English Tutorial: bilingual text , audio, text synchronized playback , Shanghai Jiang Wang Xiao authoritative explanation, supporting after-school tutoring practice .Cool books to read learning experience , together with the core word , carefully detailed, curriculum support practice questions , and the flexibility to set the display font , set the order ( loop ) playback experience , allows you to easily complete the classic English learning tutorial on the phone .Learning English as a stepping stone from the first volume , to savor the essence of the fourth book in English , easily reach university level six zero base from English !In fact, a variety of teaching English learning a lot , learning effect is quite different.The New Concept English is a complete English learning materials, no matter what your level of English proficiency is ,It will be your English learning materials a good choice , bring you great learning.If what you are not, you can go to learn ( the first book ) from ABCIf you have a middle and high school level , it is a second book to start learning is a good choice.The second book after school , you can communicate in simple English , the equivalent of a first-year university level.The third book is the examination of the contents of four , after the completion of three volumes learn English test grade 4 no problem.If you want to continue to be more proficient in English , then you can choose the fourth book .The fourth book will make you broaden your horizons , from the humanities in English , geography, history, philosophy , etc.Explain the roots of Western culture , familiar with English , and the fourth book is not just to learn English is to use and more proficient in English.Meanwhile trained your spoken English fluently , and your ability to read . If you seriously study completed four .You will reach a level of more than CET , in theory , communication and reading are completely problem.Heart, right ? Echocardiography should act now , let us work together to learn English now .